Second to None Press Highlights

Please refer to the following links for highlights of the Second to None campaign coverage.

5/18/2012 Washington Times: Defense contractors eye cuts to jobs, plants


5/9/2012 Politico: Labor, aerospace industry unite against cuts


4/30/2012 Bloomberg: Pratt & Whitney’s Hess on Airlines, Engines

4/17/2012 KUSI TV San Diego: Special Report

3/4/2012 Washington Post: Budget sequestration would be a dagger to defense

3/2 Wall Street Journal: Tank Plant Takes Cover Amid Military Cuts

2/14 Politico: GOP Turns Defense Cuts on Obama

2/13 Reuters: Obama Proposes Defense Cut After Decade of Growth

2/13 Industry Week: Blakey: Pentagon Budget Would Be a ‘Direct Hit’ To Aerospace and Defense Industry2/13 Wall Street Journal: Proposed Spending Cuts Trigger Complaints

2/13 New York Times: Military Cuts and Tax Plan Are Central to Obama Budget

2/7 Washington Business Journal: 270,000 Aerospace Jobs Lost to Export Controls in 10 Years

2/7 Washington Post: Aerospace Industry Getting Squeezed by Export Rules
2/7 CQ: Aerospace, Satellite Makers Urge Changes in Controls on High-Tech Exports

2/7 Defense News: Support Grows for Easing of U.S. Export Controls

2/7 Space Policy Online: AIA: U.S. Lost Thousands of Jobs, Billions of Dollars Because of Export Law

2/6 Wall Street Journal: Aerospace Report Hits Rules On Exports

1/20 New York Times: Military-Related Investments

1/18 Fox Business News: Can the U.S. Recover From Big Defense Cuts?

11/21/2011 The York Dispatch: BAE employees rally against cuts in defense spending

11/21/2011 The York Daily Record: More than 300 BAE Systems employees attend “Second to None” rally to protest looming budget cuts

11/17 The York Daily Record: BAE Systems hosting employee rally today

11/8 Houston Chronicle: Military in Texas could take big budget hit

11/8 Birmingham News: Aerospace Industries Association says 24,600 Alabama jobs on line

11/4 Orlando Sentinel: Florida could lose nearly 40K defense jobs if military budget takes worst-case cuts

10/29 Richmond Times-Dispatch: Rep. Randy Forbes says 1.53 million defense jobs are “at risk

10/29 Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Congressional supercommittee mustn’t undermine military

10/26 Washington Post: Defense cuts would cost U.S. more than 1 million jobs, economist says

10/26 Virginia Business: Study predicts high job losses in Virginia if budget committee fails

10/26 ExecutiveGov: House Panel Told Defense Cuts Put 880K ‘Main St.’ Jobs At Risk

10/26 Wired Danger Room: Defense: Keep Paying Us or the Economy Dies

10/26 Mississippi Press: Defense industry study: Budget cuts could cost 1 million jobs

10/26 Aerospace Diary: Analysis Projects One Million Jobs at Risk from Defense Cuts

10/25 WSJ Market Watch: Cut $1 trillion, lose 1 million jobs, defense industry warns

10/25 Washington Post: 1 million jobs could be lost if supercommittee fails to act, defense industry says

10/25 Washington Business Journal: Failure by supercommittee to reach a deal could cost Virginia more than 100,000 jobs

10/25 CNN Security Clearance: Defense cuts would hurt some states more than others

10/25 Washington Times: Democrats don’t prefer automatic debt cuts

10/25 The Hill: Waging war over Pentagon budget cuts

10/25 Bloomberg: Defense Industry Says $1 Trillion Cut Equals 1 Million Lost Jobs

10/25 DefenseNews: AIA: Budget Cuts Will Cripple U.S. Defense

10/25 Defense Industry Daily: Rapid Fire: Job Scenarios

10/13 Cedar Rapids Gazette: Rockwell Collins exec says looming defense cuts could be ‘pretty devastating’ for Iowa

10/11 Boston Globe: Defense lobbyists say cuts mean jobs

10/9 USA Today: Fearing budget cuts, interest groups take lobbying local

9/16 CBS News: Facing huge potential cuts, defense industry goes on offense 

9/15 Politico: AIA lobbies supercommittee against DOD cuts 

9/15 National Journal: Aerospace Industry Launches Campaign to Fight Cuts

9/14 Financial Times: US defence sector attacks further cuts

9/14 The aerospace industry’s full court press 

9/14 Los Angeles Times: Defense contractors launch campaign to end military spending cuts

9/14 Reuters: Contractors appeal for no more military cuts

9/14 The Hill: Aerospace industry campaigns against further defense cuts 

9/14 Defense News: AIA Starts PR Press Against Cuts 

9/14 Bloomberg: Aerospace Association Chief Says Defense Industry Is Fragile

9/14 AOL Defense: Defense Industry Comes Out Swinging: Don’t Cut Us!  

9/14 International Business Times: Defense Industry Lobbies Congress Against Future Spending Cuts  

9/14 Washington Times: Republicans seek a ceiling on defense cuts

9/14 AIA: Video of Press Event

9/13 AIA: Second to None Launch Video