Our national security is at risk from sequestration

A strong effort has been put forward to demonstrate our industry’s message by illustrating how political gamesmanship in Washington has reached new levels.  It is well past time our leaders come together to address the increasingly troublesome issue of sequestration by doing the job for which they were elected.

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For more information on how sequestration impacts our national security please refer to the following links:

U.S. Department of Defense - Press Briefing by Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey in the Pentagon Briefing Room

Aerospace Industries Association – Sequestration resource center on Second to None

For news stories illustrating the national security implications of sequestration please see the following stories:

Defense News - Panetta Warns of Severe Reductions in Operations if March Sequester Occurs

Politico - Panetta warns of hiring freeze, deep cuts at Pentagon

Washington Post - Defense plans precautionary cutbacks



Help us continue the fight against sequestration by getting active online. Tweet using the hashtag #StopSequestration to let everyone know that you think this bad policy must go.