2014 Mid-Term Election Kit

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Stop Sequestration Press Conference Press Kit

Thousands of Organizations Unite to Protect America’s Economy and Innovation Leadership Non-Defense and Defense Groups to Demand Solutions to Sequestration Washington, D.C. – Leading representatives from industries and sectors on both the defense and non-defense side of the sequestration debate will detail a joint effort they are undertaking to put a stop to the severe

1.16.13 Quote of the Week

“And the fact is…we have no idea what the hell’s going to happen.  All told, this uncertainty, if left unresolved by the Congress, will seriously harm our military readiness.”   Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense During  a rare press conference the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was joined by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

1.8.13 Quote of the Week

“It’s time for Congress to avert sequestration once and for all … This is about the defense of the United States and the people who serve in the United States military and our civilian personnel, also, who carry out missions and support of the defense of this nation.” George Little, Pentagon Press Secretary At the

Our national security is at risk from sequestration

A strong effort has been put forward to demonstrate our industry’s message by illustrating how political gamesmanship in Washington has reached new levels.  It is well past time our leaders come together to address the increasingly troublesome issue of sequestration by doing the job for which they were elected. The images below can be enlarged by clicking

New deadline for sequestration

Late in 2012, Congress was up against a hard deadline to avert the aptly named “fiscal cliff” which encompassed numerous parts – among them, sequestration and a January 2, 2013 inaction date.  Due to fundamental differences in opinion over how to avert the crisis, Republicans and Democrats were unable to come to a compromise earlier in the 2012.

New study warns of sequestration impacts to NASA, NOAA programs

A new economic impact analysis concludes that over 20,000 NASA contractor jobs and over 2,500 NOAA jobs related to weather satellites could be lost in 2013 if the Budget Control Act’s sequestration mandate takes effect on January 2, 2013.

Defense industry CEOs talk sequestration

On Monday, December 3, 2012 the National Press Club held a press briefing on sequestration and they invited top defense industry CEO’s and members of AIA to give remarks and answer questions from press.

Industry CEOs urge Congress, President to solve fiscal cliff

More than 130 CEOs sign letter to President Obama Four industry leaders participated in a panel discussion today at the National Press Club on the impacts of sequestration budget cuts on America’s economy and national security. The panel also drew attention to a letter from aerospace and defense industry CEOs voicing support for current talks

POLITICO Opinion: Maritime security at stake with sequestration

Today, as we commemorate Veterans Day and reflect on the bravery and sacrifice of the millions of Americans who have served past and present, we as a nation have an obligation to preserve what they have fought so hard to protect. The maritime service veterans’ narrative is unique and extraordinary. From their historic role in the founding of our nation, to ensuring homeland security, our sea service veterans will continue to deploy after the land forces have come home — to provide maritime security and help our nation ensure economic prosperity.

Washington Business Report Nov. 11, 2012

This week on Washington Business Report: Marion Blakey, President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association, discusses the fiscal cliff along with members of this weeks panel.

Federal services could see cutbacks, even shutdowns, due to coming budget cuts

When federal agencies are forced to cut 9% out of their budgets, the Washington area alone will see 65,000 federal jobs lost. 97,000 federal contractor jobs will disappear. Add to that subcontractors and people who rely on all of that, and the total local jobs lost is nearly 500,000.

Fixing U.S. Air Travel

Marion C. Blakey, Aerospace Industries Association President & CEO, offers insight on the state of U.S. airports and their radar systems. Video available from CNBC.

D.C. caught off guard by Obama sequester vow

via POLITICO President Barack Obama startled Washington during Monday night’s foreign policy debate when he said billions in automatic Pentagon cuts “will not happen” — a line that could weaken his bargaining power during an epic spending and tax fight expected when Congress returns. Obama was responding to criticism from Republican rival Mitt Romney that

Industry, Labor, and Small Businesses to Schieffer: Include Sequestration in Presidential Debate

The Aerospace and Defense Industry and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers joined together today to call on debate moderator Bob Schieffer to include the issue of sequestration budget cuts in Monday’s presidential debate.

Rep. Norm Dicks sends a letter to colleagues about sequestration

In the letter he asks Congress to “find a way to replace sequestration with a balanced approach to long-term deficit reduction that focuses on economic growth and job creation, and does no harm to our economic recovery in the short-run.”

AIA CEO Lobbies for Tax Dollars

Bloomberg’s Peter Cook profiles aviation’s top gun, Aerospace Industries Association’s CEO Marion Blakey. Cook speaks on Bloomberg Government’s “Capitol Gains,” which airs on Bloomberg Television on Sundays.

Sequestration and Defense Contractors – C-SPAN

AIA President and CEO, Marion C. Blakey appears on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to take questions about sequestration and its effects on defense contractors.

Our Industry Page

The aerospace and defense industry is strong because of the people and businesses who comprise it. Our workforce is the backbone of our industry and our small businesses are the innovators of numerous specialty products. They work hard to keep us Second to None. Watch their stories and support the campaign to end sequestration.

Aerospace States Ask Congress to Act Against Sequestration

As Congress reconvenes this month, the Aerospace States Association (ASA), led by Chairman Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell (AK), called on the congressional leadership to replace pending, indiscriminate funding cuts with an approach that would protect industry and security sectors.