1.8.13 Quote of the Week

“It’s time for Congress to avert sequestration once and for all … This is about the defense of the United States and the people who serve in the United States military and our civilian personnel, also, who carry out missions and support of the defense of this nation.” George Little, Pentagon Press Secretary

At the Pentagon’s daily press briefing on January 8, 2013, the Pentagon’s press secretary, George Little, refereed to the Department of Defense’s budget as being “a mess” and “highly problematic” due to the reset implementation deadline of sequestration. Given the current uncertainty of affairs surrounding sequestration and the lack of guidance given to the Pentagon from Congress or the White House, top officials at the Pentagon are unsure if they will be able to deliver their budget to Congress on time.

This is troubling news for DOD contractors as well. In a recent statement by AIA’s President and CEO, Marion Blakey, she voiced concerns over what sequestration means for the aerospace and defense industry as well as our national economy and numerous government agencies. Urging our leaders to take action to solve the sequester crisis she said “it would be an abdication of responsibility by the leaders of this country, one that will only heighten Americans’ cynicism and cement the public image of a gridlocked Washington that simply doesn’t work.”


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